Chicago Stories - 40 Dramatic Fictions

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40 dramatic fictions by Michael Czyzniejewski, each told in the persona of a famous Chicagoan, from Mrs. O’Leary to Barack Obama.

Designed and illustrated by Chicago artist Rob Funderburk.

"Chicago, a page at a time. Michael Czyzniejewski gets right to the point in telling the city's stories."
Chicago Tribune

"This handsome book collects dozens of Czyzniejewski’s inspired vignettes in the imagined voices of historical Chicagoans. Flexing impressive literary chops, the beer vendor/creative-writing professor captures both the tough, defensive exterior and the vulnerable, often-broken heart of his city."
Timeout Chicago

"Michael Czyzniejewski’s Chicago Stories, forty fictional monologues riffing on the common culture of the Windy City’s shared history, projected forward into a possible future. Not quite historical fiction—more like historical jazz."
Newcity Lit