Kiss As Many Women As You Can by Franki Elliot; artwork by Shawn Stucky

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Kiss As Many Women As You Can presents Franki Elliot's typewriter stories in full color as detachable postcards. Accompanied by postcards utilizing Chicagoan Shawn Stucky's amazing art.

"The typewriter idea got my attention, but the writing kept me hooked. Franki's stories have soul and wit, but are also made of real flesh and blood. They're pithy and addictive. My heart has been Smith Corona-ed."
- Drew Dernavich, cartoonist for The New Yorker

"[Kiss As Many Women As You Can features] beautiful and thought-provoking typewriter poems that are like stories, presented alongside artwork by Shawn Stucky, with full-color detachable postcards."
—Tamara J. Collins, Sheafe Street Books

"Franki Elliot's creative writing experiment is proving to be a unique blend of performance art, public art, literature, and text-based multimedia."
LA Weekly