MEATY. Essays by Samantha Irby

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Samantha Irby explodes onto the page in her debut collection of brand-new essays about being a complete dummy trying to laugh her way through her ridiculous life of failed relationships, taco feasts, bouts with Crohn's Disease, & more, all told with the same scathing wit & poignant candor long-time readers have come to expect from her notoriously hilarious blog,

A Cosmo Best of 2013 selection.

“Her candor in style and subject matter—mostly sex, dating and the general lousiness of men—has earned Samantha Irby a cult following… Honesty mixed with self-deprecating humor is what propels readers.”
Timeout Chicago

“The best thing to happen to passionate admirers since binoculars. Samantha Irby is a stunted adolescent who spends her free time drinking fancy beer, eating expensive macaroons and writing about smart ladies, dumb dudes, music, tacos and diarrhea.”
The Chicago Sun-Times

“Raunchy, funny and vivid…Those faint of heart beware...strap in and get ready for a roller-coaster ride to remember."
Kirkus Reviews

“Amazingly crass, defiant, witty, terrifying, and wondrous...[Irby] cuts the bawdy, wickedly funny pieces with some truly poignant palate cleansers...Irby’s voice is raw, gripping, and ...Delicious."